Apple finally agrees to pay photographers for its advertising campaign

Apple will finally pay the winners of the "Shot on iPhone" contest, whose photographs will be used for advertising campaigns.

For Apple, once the most valued company in the world, to pay the photographers whose work was going to be used for advertising campaigns of the iPhone was not obvious. The firm has faced a controversy after launching a contest to find the best photos taken with an iPhone.
A reward in visibility
With this competition, Apple has fallen right into the subject of fair compensation in the creative sector. Originally, the contest provided for a panel of 11 judges to choose 10 photographs captured with the iPhone. The reward of the photographer? See his photography being displayed worldwide through Apple's advertising campaigns that will allow the company to sell its smartphones.
In other words, the only reward for the photographer would be a gain in visibility, an argument often used to limit the remuneration of creators, since it improves the CV, or the portfolio of the people in question. Especially as indicated by the professional photographer Trevor Mahlmann on Reddit, the conditions of the contest indicate that the winners agree to give "the commercial exclusivity of the photographs to Apple".
A question of target
The creation of a contest without remuneration could however have been considered to limit the participation of professional photographers. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe contest is to highlight the most beautiful photos taken in the world by average users or fans of the iPhone. By offering a reward from the outset, Apple would risk to drown amateurs among professional candidates.
One can however wonder why the firm did not propose more conventional prices, like the gain of a product of the mark, a MacBook for example.
Apple will pay well photographers
Faced with this controversy, Apple has reviewed the conditions of the competition. The brand now announces that it firmly believes in the remuneration of artists for their work. Photographers who win the contest will receive a fee on the rights of use of their photos by Apple.
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