Apple iPhone XI: the brand would ignore the USB Type-C one more year

While the iPad Pro and Macbook offer USB Type-C, Apple would continue to use a lightning port on its next iPhone.
For this beginning of the year 2019, Apple has to face the leaks prototypes of the next iPhone, in addition to its disappointing sales. We owe these leaks to OnLeaks, which is not its first attempt, which has since given details.
First, he says that these prototypes do not come from the usual CAD plans with which he used to make complete 3D renderings, but rather 2D drawings from a source he considers reliable. This explains why the images of these prototypes still give a partial view of the iPhone. It is also recalled that these are images of prototypes, and that the final design of the smartphone can evolve.
10 and 14 megapixel sensors
It also adds new information on the second prototype, the one with the smaller notch and three photo sensors horizontally on the back.
This prototype would still use a Lightning port for the moment. The switch to USB Type-C for the iPhone is a recurring rumor, especially since the iPad Pro itself has switched to the universal connector. Today, Apple faces a fragmentation of the connections used in its products:
USB Type-C on Macbooks and iPad Pro
Lightning on the iPhone and iPad
3.5mm jack on the MacBook and iPad
Micro USB on Beats Wireless Headsets
We hope that this is an element that will evolve between the prototype and the final version of the smartphone.
The lightning port of the iPhone X
Still according to OnLeaks, the iPhone XI would have the right to 10 and 14 megapixel sensors on the back against two 12 megapixel sensors on the iPhone XS. The characteristics of the third sensor are not known.
The front camera would also evolve, with the passage of a 7 megapixel sensor to a 10 megapixel sensor.
This prototype iPhone also changes internal architecture, with a battery that would abandon its shape in "L" for something approaching a square.

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