Apple: standardization of iOS and macOS applications approach

Despite the goodwill of Apple, the MacOS App Store remains relatively poor in interest. The Cupertino company intends to change the game, standardizing the development of iOS and macOS applications.

Operating on three different platforms – iPhone, iPad and Mac – the App Store is a pool of thoughtful applications. But despite this standardized virtual store, an iOS application can not run on macOS. For now at least, since, according to Bloomberg, Apple wants to standardize these applications.
According to Bloomberg sources close to Apple, this goal should see the light of day soon. Called Marzipan, this long-standing project aims to make life easier for application developers in the Apple ecosystem. By 2021, it should be possible to develop a single application, able to work on both macOS and iOS. A boon for developers, but also for macOS, which suffers from an App Store still too poor in relevant applications.

A problem that Apple seems to have realized, since the brand has already partially responded to WWDC 2018. First by integrating some iOS apps to macOS, such as Exchange, Dictaphone and Home, but also by proposing iOS frameworks on macOS via AppKit, intended to create applications on Apple's MacBooks. These frameworks already allow to reproduce elements of design and UX specific to iOS on macOS.
What interest for Apple?
Beyond enriching the catalog of applications available on the App Store, the Cupertino company would find a pecuniary interest. Indeed, Apple shares the revenue of in-app purchases in this way: 70% for the developer, 30% for the firm for purchases, 85% against 15% for subscriptions. By standardizing how to create applications, there is no doubt that the number of downloads should increase on macOS. An increase that should mechanically affect the integrated purchases and boost the revenue of the brand to the apple.
After a long time focused on the hardware, Apple seems to take a big turn for its business model. In any case what suggests this project Marzipan, as well as the rumors of an SVOD service to the Netflix and even that of a paid subscription to Apple News. Not to mention the music streaming service Apple Music, which already has 50,000 million paid subscriptions.
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