Apple sued because of the notch of the iPhone XS Max

It seems that the notch on smartphones does not bother that the owners of devices on Android. An Apple customer has indeed sued the brand because of the notch pronounced on the iPhone XS Max.

In one year, it has become one of the most controversial topics in the world of smartphones. As manufacturers strive to offer even more notches on more and more ranges, consumers continue to moan because of their unsightly design.
The latest case concerns Apple directly. On December 14, the firm was indeed sued by a consumer because of the notch on the iPhone XS Max she bought. It considers that the notch prevents the screen to display all its definition and all its pixels and therefore the definition provided by Apple is not the one it found on the product purchased. "The iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max do not have the definition communicated by the brand, because they do not have the number of pixels on the screen (2436 × 1125 for iPhone X and XS and 2688 × 1242 for the iPhone XS Max) "concludes the complaint filed, reported by the website Business Insider. For the same reason, the Complainant blames Apple for the rounded corners of the screen, which would cause pixels to lose the definition provided by the manufacturer.
Advertising that would mislead consumers
Moreover, she accuses the American brand of having deliberately deceived consumers with advertisements and visuals put forward in its communication. Indeed, on renderings promoting the iPhone XS Max, Apple has chosen to display a black background where the slot is located, making it invisible and may suggest that the slab covered the entire surface of the screen. 'apparatus. "The missing pixels are imperceptible because of the black background," says the complaint.
For the time being, this is only a complaint filed in order to form a collective action in court around the plaintiff by the law firm. It is still unclear when the complaint will be judged by the California Court.
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