Apple uncompromising on the ecological issue, even for its suppliers

Suppliers who want to count Apple among their customers will now have to show their paws and meet ecological and ethical obligations. This year, 20 factories paid the price.

In recent years, Apple has made ecology his hobbyhorse. During its conferences, the brand regularly takes the time to remember its commitments. Renewable energies and recycled and recyclable materials are nowadays common elements in the production of the firm's products. This earned him, among other things, being ranked alongside Fairphone in Greenpeace's 2017 report on green businesses.
Supervised suppliers
Of course, it is always possible to do better and Apple keeps an annual report on its environmental commitments. Financial Review has picked up the report for the year 2018. It reveals that the Cupertino company has ended 20 contracts that united it to some of its suppliers because they did not meet the objectives set by Apple.
During the year, Apple conducted 770 audits of its suppliers' facilities, logistics and repair centers. 279 audits were also conducted at smelters and refineries.
No bonus, just a delay
Apple is a huge customer that any supplier is delighted to have seen ordered quantities. Tim Cook's company knows this very well and takes advantage of its dominant position to impose its vision on its partners.
It is stated that Apple does not play financial rewards to motivate its partners to adopt its environmental vision. The firm has only given a delay to its suppliers to get to its standards. "If a supplier refuses or is unable to meet our requirements, we terminate our business relationship with him," the report says, according to Financial Review.
With the proliferation of brands of Chinese smartphones at low prices, Apple wants to justify its high prices. A bet that could be a winner in the long run.
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