Apple wants to resurrect Touch ID on its iPhone … while retaining Face ID

An Apple patent strongly suggests the return of the fingerprint system introduced by the brand to the apple five years ago, the Touch ID. But the group would not abandon the Face ID, quite the opposite.

Introduced worldwide in 2013, Touch ID, the tactile ID developed by Apple, was initially invited on the iPhone 5s, then on the majority of his successors in the following years. Up to the iPhone X, whose touch recognition technology has been replaced by Face ID: 3D imaging capable of identifying a face, which can simply unlock a mobile phone.
Unlock your iPhone even more easily
But the arrival of Face ID naturally drove out its predecessor, the Touch ID. Except that it could well resurface on future versions of smartphones brand Apple, as suggested by a patent filed in January 2018 and then released on December 12, tells us the specialized site PatentlyApple, relayed by 9to5Mac.
The file is based on the concept of one iPhone with both face and touch identification technologies. Here, the Cupertino company would seek to offer a practical and effective alternative when the Face ID is inoperative, the fault, for example, to a low ambient brightness. In this case, the user would only use his thumb to unlock everything and access the interface of his phone.

The other advantage would lie in improving the security of the iPhone. It would be no longer one, but two biometric recognition technologies that would then be implemented at the terminal. What to double the security measures. It remains to be seen now if Apple will really join the gesture to the word. A patent remains a patent, and does not always have the vocation to become an end product.
A fingerprint sensor integrated under the screen?
Especially since the Touch ID, at the moment, seems definitively set aside by the teams of the Californian firm. But its new installation would not be a technical challenge for them: like the OnePlus 6T, Huawei Mate 20 Pro or future versions of the Galaxy S10, the fingerprint reader could just Apple integrate under the screen of its future iPhone, while keeping its TrueDepth camera system at the front of the screen. A challenge up to the expertise of Apple.
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