Apple Watch Series 4: French models are entitled to the electrocardiogram

The French models of the Apple Watch Series 4 welcome the electrocardiogram function that was previously reserved for American versions for certification reasons.

In 2018, Apple unveiled its new watch connected, the Watch Series 4. It had the particularity of offering an electrocardiogram (ECG) a more complete follow-up than a simple heart rate monitor on the health status of the heart of the user.
An interesting novelty, but which posed some problems of integration. Indeed, an ECG is a medical device that, to be marketed by a brand like Apple, must be certified by the competent body in each country. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration had authorized the integration, but this was not yet the case in many other areas where the Watch Series 4 is sold.
The ECG in France
But with the update to watchOS 5.2, which is being rolled out, the ECG function on Apple's latest connected watch is landing in various European countries, including France. In other words, we can assume that the Ministry of Health has finally approved the electrocardiogram of the Watch Series 4. Belgium, Spain, Germany or the United Kingdom are also concerned.
Curious detail reported by the YouTUBeur Léo Duff, the ECG option "is not intended for people under 22".

– Leo Duff (@LeoDuffOff) March 28, 2019

The Apple Watch Series 4 is priced at 429 euros.
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