Apple will lower the price of the iPhone according to the currency fluctuations

During the presentation of Apple's financial results, Tim Cook announced a drop in the price of the iPhone for some markets.

Tuesday, January 29 was the day chosen by Apple to unveil the financial results of the first quarter of its fiscal year 2019.
As expected, the firm announced worse results than initially expected, but still achieved $ 84.3 billion in revenue for 19.97 billion profit. Apple no longer reports on iPhone sales, but Strategy Analytics estimates sales are down 15 percent from the previous year.
A price adjustment is necessary
To try to smooth the sales of the iPhone according to the markets, Apple announced its plan to review pricing outside the United States. Today the price of an iPhone changes a lot depending on whether it is sold in Japan, the United States, France or another country, even taking into account the conversion rates and taxes.
IPhone X's price in the world at its launch. Credit: Business Insider
In markets where the currency weakened compared to the dollar, the price of the iPhone has increased, which may have led to a slowdown in sales. Tim Cook told Reuters "From January we will take into account the macroeconomic conditions of some markets, and adjust prices to return to what they were a year ago, hoping to improve sales ".
Services, services, services
If the sale of hardware is a bit disappointing, for Apple and its shareholders, this is not the case of its service division (App Store, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay, etc.) that ends a record quarter. The division achieved a turnover of $ 10.8 billion at the end of December.
It is on this division that Apple wants to bet in the future to improve its financial results. This will include access to its services on competing platforms, including Samsung and Sony.



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