Apple would prepare 3 iPhone in 2019, including one with 3 cameras in the back

By 2019, Apple would offer three new iPhone models, succeeding the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max this year. So there would be an iPhone with an LCD screen and another with a camera with three sensors.

Until recently, Apple was releasing an iPhone model a year. Then with the time arrived a declination "More" to satisfy those who wanted a larger screen and so naturally turned to Android. Finally, in 2017, Apple has moved to three models with an ultra high-end iPhone X, with a different design and an OLED screen. Similarly in 2018 with the two traditional iPhone, and a declination "more affordable", the iPhone XR.
The Liquid Retina still relevant
According to information from the very serious The Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to continue on this path in 2019 despite sales "disappointing" of its current models. So we would see appear, certainly next September, three new iPhone, including a successor of the iPhone XR.
This smartphone also has an LCD screen according to people "close to the file" who say that the product is in the pipes for several months and that plans can not be canceled easily now. However, it is specified that Apple would consider abandoning its screens "Liquid Retina" (LCD) from 2020 to focus on OLED tiles throughout its range.
Three sensors on the back
The same source claims that Apple would equip its most upscale model with a new camera with three sensors. Information corroborating the information of the very well informed OnLeaks. This hardware change would obviously come with new features, but these are not detailed here.
Note that to believe the WSJ, the other two models have a dual sensor device, which would be a step forward for the successor of the iPhone XR, the latter having only one module.
Recall that the triple sensor is already present on the Android market, including Huawei with the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro. This allows in particular to have different focal lengths, from wide-angle to high zoom, all without loss.
The announcement of these new iPhone is expected for the month of September 2019 if Apple is on its usual schedule.

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