Asus unveils a curious hybrid product: WiFi router and Alexa connected speaker

At CES 2019, Asus unveiled a curious product that is a WiFi router but also an Alexa connected speaker. Here is a new category of products that could be more and more popular.
The Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has announced the first router that also serves as an intelligent lounge speaker (stereo) with integrated Amazon Alexa assistant. The Lyra Voice is rather pretty, covered with a fabric that reminds us of a soundbar or Google Home and the latest version of the Amazon Echo.

This is rather curious because it looks more like a small soundbar than a WiFi router, yet it is equipped with AiMesh technology. You can pair it with other Asus Lyra devices to cover your entire home with WiFi (802.11ac also called Wi-Fi 5).

It still looks like a hybrid device that will not make a good WiFi router or a good Alexa speaker. However, the interest is there: it allows to extend your WiFi while providing practical functions of connected assistant.

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