At CES 2019, Samsung would present OLED panels with integrated speaker: Galaxy S10 in sight?

It seems that at CES 2019, the Korean manufacturer Samsung has planned to hit a big blow: the official presentation of its flagship OLED integrated speaker for marketing. These could even make their first appearance on the Galaxy S10.

The CES is not a big mobile show, but it is a very important trade show for technology in general. As a result, manufacturers will often show projects in development, or components rather than products. Otherwise, TVs and appliances have a place of choice.
Samsung will obviously be new to the game, the Korean brand being very present on these sectors. But she would not be here to present her new washing machines: new slabs would be ready for marketing.
OLED panels with built-in loudspeaker
According to SamMobile, the Korean would also be ready to unveil its new OLED tiles "Sound On Display", which have the distinction of passing the sound … by the slab. The screen would vibrate to create the sounds, making a device no longer need output for its speakers.
The technology had been previously presented by Samsung, but it was not ready for commercialization. Here, it would be, and could be integrated as well to the slabs of smartphones that slabs of televisions.
In time for the Galaxy S10?
Release scheduled for …? We do not know for the moment, and the information is still to be taken with tweezers since coming from rumors in the industry. However, the technology has been around long enough to believe in a fast exit now.
Samsung could present these slabs to enjoy next year, but a bigger blow is to play: use the presentation of these slabs to make a small teasing before the announcement of the future Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10 Lite. That would make the whole living room vibrate.
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