At MWC 2019, no one wants to copy Apple

A year ago, all manufacturers had their eyes riveted on Apple. At MWC 2019, innovation now comes from Huawei and Samsung.

Would Apple have become nerdy? A year ago, the firm was launching the iPhone X, its smartphone that completely reviewed the design of a smartphone: screen edge to edge with a large notch and navigation gestures. The success of the phone quickly gave ideas to competing manufacturers.
From Zenfone 5 to screen manufacturers with slabs ready for the notch, to slightly obscure products from Ulefone and Leagoo, the copy gave a more or less happy result at the MWC 2018.
In 2019, the design of the iPhone XS took a shot of old
In 2019, difficult to draw the same conclusions. There are still some smartphones notch, especially when sold at low prices like Wiko or Samsung, but even in these cases, the design has moved away from that of the iPhone and the notch has been reduced to congruous portion.
The star of MWC 2019 is the foldable smartphone, and it's even better if it is 5G. The effect "whaou" is immediate, and we have the impression to discover the first true evolution of design for a smartphone since 2007. Result, when we put side by side an iPhone X and its wide notch, with a collapsible smartphone last cry, Apple's device is taking a serious shot of old.
The Galaxy Fold lowers the innovation / price ratio of the iPhone
With the release of the iPhone X, Apple had burst the bar of 1000 euros for the price of a high-end smartphone. In 2018, the brand went even further with the iPhone XS Max, whose best configuration peaks at more than 1600 euros. However, for this price we finally have the culmination of the smartphone 4G: an OLED screen edge to edge, always with this large notch, no jack, a small battery, and two cameras on the back.

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When we put this price in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, announced at 2000 euros, it becomes even more difficult to defend the technical sheet of the iPhone. For a 25% higher price, Samsung incorporates a state-of-the-art folding screen, a second screen, three photo sensors, and a decidedly different design. If the question of software mastery arises, it is clear that Samsung seems to have taken a step ahead of its rival, Apple.
Apple: a safe bet above all
Yes, but that's it. It must be remembered that, contrary to popular belief, Apple is not a brand that wants to be at the forefront of the latest technological innovations. A bit like Nintendo in the video game industry, the apple brand cultivates its difference and only passes technological ladders when they are completely mastered according to it.
We remember that the first iPhone was not compatible with 3G, and that it was not until the iPhone 6 for full compatibility of the smartphone with 4G frequency bands used in France. Before switching to the iPhone X, Apple had not changed the design of its smartphone for several years and had never resolved to adopt the OLED. In short, the firm is moving at its own pace.
For customers of the firm, it is precisely this pace a little slower than the competition that ensures a certain confidence in the brand. The iPhone is for them a safe value of the market. These customers know that Apple will not adopt a function simply because it is fashionable, risking an implementation that lacks finishing.
This is also what the first interested in foldable smartphones fear the most: what will be the life of these devices? Have manufacturers thought about the use of these devices? By the time we are sure of the answers to these questions, Apple will have had the time to work on its copy, so really a foldable device must leave the offices of Cupertino.

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