Attention, SFR increases your bill again if you do nothing

SFR enriches its RED package by giving it 10 GB of additional data. This applies automatically to subscribers and is accompanied by a price increase of 2 euros per month. A change that goes rather badly with subscribers.

"We are giving you 30GB of internet monthly instead of your current 20GB, for only 2 ‚ā¨ more per month." Thus begins the mail that some RED subscribers (SFR) have received recently. An email rarely received with kindness.
Several of the operator's subscribers have shared their anger on social networks by seeing this message warning them of an automatic price increase of their package as of their next bill. Price increase which is certainly accompanied by a "boost" of the envelope data, but price increase anyway. An iGen reader explains that he pays his 20 GB package for 3.99 euros per month since his subscription in 2015 during a promotional period. This price increase therefore increases its bill by 50%.
This offer, announced as "exclusive, just for you", affects a large number of packages, from 5 to 50 GB, with this increase of 2 euros per month. The persons concerned must therefore, in case they are not interested, go to the site of SFR to terminate this automatic option.

If this "evolution package" does not tell you anything, know that this is not the first time it is applied by SFR. In 2017 already, the same illustration was used to praise the merits of the "100 GB boost", also charged 2 euros per month without the direct agreement of subscribers. This is also a practice that is also found at Orange and Bouygues Telecom.
UFC Que Choisir looked at this kind of price increase last year, confirming that it is a perfectly legal but immoral practice. We suspect that operators rely on the inattention of subscribers to increase their bill, based on the fact that consumption will not or little change.
If you subscribe to RED SFR, so be careful with your e-mails and your next bill!

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