Axon S: ZTE seeks to reinvent the smartphone to slider

We knew smartphones to slider leaving the camera above the screen, it will now do with those who slide on the right. This is the design that ZTE has adopted for its future Axon S.

Since last summer, manufacturers have allowed the return of sliding phones. Whether it's the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the Honor Magic 2 or the Lenovo Z5 Pro, all these smartphones include a mechanical slide that can slide the screen down to reveal the camera for selfies.
A back without a camera or fingerprint reader
For its part, the Chinese ZTE remained quite discreet on this choice of design, at least until the presentation, by the IF Design Award competition, ZTE Axon S. This smartphone takes over the idea of ​​a smartphone sliding , to enjoy a large screen in front without a notch or border, but with a small difference. Indeed, the screen does not slide down, but to the right. Thus, on the left of the smartphone, you can see the double photo module for selfies. Above all, the back of the smartphone does not integrate any camera. As for the selfie module, the triple rear camera deploys by sliding the back of the smartphone.
Among the few features unveiled by ZTE and IF Design, we can note that the Axon S offers an LCD screen occupying 95% of the surface of the smartphone, with a fingerprint reader positioned behind the display. For the photo, the triple module can include a 48-megapixel photo sensor and a 5x optical zoom.
For the moment, neither price nor date of marketing have been announced by ZTE. We just know that ZTE Axon S will be launched this year in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America and South America. There is no indication, however, that the smartphone will be available in France.

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