Bis repetita, Facebook shared your private information with Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft and Amazon

The weeks go by for Facebook and the scandals are linked with them. The social network would have leaked a lot of information from third-party services, giving them access to messages from users.

It's an understatement that 2018 has been an eventful year for Facebook. After several security flaws, some scandals or the Cambridge Analytica case, this is new information obtained by the New York Times, revealed in an article published on Tuesday. According to the American daily, Facebook has indeed shared many data of its users, including their private messages, with third-party services.
"Facebook has allowed the search engine Microsoft Bing to see the names of all friends of Facebook users without their consent and gave Netflix and Spotify access to private messages from users," reveals the New York newspaper. According to the document obtained by the New York Times, Amazon would also have had access to the names and contact information of Facebook friends of users.
Not a flaw, but a feature according to Facebook
Following the publication of the article, Facebook quickly reacted on his blog. Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, responsible for the developer platform, explains that these data shares have never been hidden from users: "We wanted people to use these functions. They have been discussed, debated and scrutinized by a large number of journalists and privacy advocates ". The Facebook framework also states that "most of these features have since been removed".
The New York Times revelations echo a bug unveiled by the social network itself on December 14th. Facebook admitted that by sharing profile photos with certain third-party services, such as dating apps, these services had access to all user photos. A flaw that has since been corrected according to Facebook.
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