Bose QC 35 II at 263 euros, OnePlus 6T at 459 euros and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at 618 euros for the Megapeak Rakuten

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    It's already almost balances on Rakuten! Thanks to the Megapeak offer, increase the number of accumulated Super Points, which can be converted into purchase vouchers. Check out our selection of products that benefit from this offer, such as the Bose QC 35 II, the OnePlus 6T or the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

This Sunday, January 6th sees the return of Rakuten's offer Megapeak. If you make a purchase from the mobile application Rakuten, the number of points accumulated is greatly increased during this day: up to 20% of the price of your product according to your status at Club R. This number of points is then transformed in vouchers that you can use on the site. If you do not know how the Super Points work, an article is dedicated and explains everything.
Bose QuietComfort 35 II to 263 euros
This is probably one of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market. First, essential point for a headset: it makes enjoy a very good sound, balanced, and a reduction of active noise very effective. But it also has many other assets, such as its lightness, its flexible and solid bow as well as its very good autonomy. This version II has a significant new feature in everyday life: the integration of the Google Assistant. Pressing the dedicated headset button allows you to call Google's assistant to ask for the weather, your path, or what your notifications are.

Why is this product recommended?
A comfortable helmet, covering your ears
Packed with small practical features in everyday life
A very good sound, supported by a dreaded noise reduction
Usually available around 320 euros, you can find this Bose QC 35 II at a price of 263 on Rakuten, with 52 euros refunded Super Points.
             Find the Bose QC 35 II on Rakuten
OnePlus 6T at 459 euros
OnePlus only releases two smartphones per year on average, but they are often very successful. This is the case of the latest model, the OnePlus 6T which is a timid evolution of the OnePlus 6, but which convinces with its great versatility. Among the new features, a slimmer notch, an under-screen sensor, a larger battery and improved photo rendering. Everything needed to be added to the OnePlus 6 to bring it to perfection.

Why is this product recommended?
The OxygenOS interface, well thought out and terribly fast
A beautiful 6.41-inch AMOLED display
Enduring, it also loads very quickly
The OnePlus 6T is available at a price of 459 euros on Rakuten. Count on 91 euros refunded in Super Points.
             Find the OnePlus 6T on Rakuten
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at 618 euros
This is one of the best phones of the year 2018, and it will still be difficult to dethrone in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has everything for him if you like big phones: perfect screen, capacity and high-end performance he is also able to take beautiful pictures. And if this phone pleases the Android community a lot, it's because it takes advantage of a design without a notch and has a jack and a microSD port. A trio increasingly rare.

Why is this product recommended?
Excellent performance for all uses
The AMOLED screen, just perfect
Beautiful pictures very close to reality, day and night
Find the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at a price of 618 euros on Rakuten, with 123 euros refunded in Super Points.
             Find the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Rakuten


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