BPM Core: Face to Apple, Withings launches heart health race – FrAndroid

With his new Move connected watches, the French Withings also unveiled at CES Las Vegas its new connected blood pressure monitor, the Withings BPM Core.

The general public is particularly familiar with Withings for its connected design watches, the Steel and Steel HR range. Nevertheless, the French manufacturer, which has recently regained independence from Nokia, is actively working in the health sector.
Thus, Withings already had in his catalog a wireless blood pressure monitor, called BPM. For this 2019 edition of the CES, the grand salon of new technologies in Las Vegas, the French company has unveiled its successor, soberly baptized BPM Core.
Blood pressure monitor, electrocardiogram and stethoscope
This new blood pressure monitor has the same functionalities as its predecessor, including monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate. It also provides an electrocardiogram that can detect atrial fibrillation and thus prevent possible stroke. Finally, the Withings BPM Core also offers a stethoscope for detecting valvulopathies, heart valve dysfunction. Withings is back in the race against the Apple Watch, whose latest model natively offers an electrocardiogram and also focuses on heart health.
The Withings BPM Core comes in the form of a cuff with a cylinder containing the electronic part. It allows, in a refill, to make up to 180 measurements. Finally, the monitor can be connected in Bluetooth to your smartphone for an overview of the measurements in the Withings Health Mate app.
The Withings BPM Core Blood Pressure Monitor announced this Sunday in Las Vegas will be available in the second quarter of the year at a price of 250 euros.

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