Byton: this is the incredible 48-inch screen that will power the M-Byte and K-Byte electric cars

The new rival of Tesla sharpens his weapons. At CES 2019, Byton unveiled three electric cars and gave more details on the famous 48-inch diagonal LCD screen.
Byton is a very young electric car company, it was founded in 2016. We had already been able to attend the first conference at CES 2018, a first prototype was unveiled during this keynote.

On the first day of CES 2019, co-founders Carsten Breitfeld and Daniel Kirchert announced that they will be preparing two models of electric cars, which will integrate autonomous car technology (level 3), the first model will be ready by the end of 2019 .
The cars – the sporty K-Byte model and the M-Byte sedan model. The most accessible, the M-Byte, will come into production in 2019, while the K-Byte sedan is scheduled for 2021 and a third model will arrive in 2023. As a reminder, the M-Byte model would be sold starting at $ 45,000 ( around 40,000 euros), but without autonomous driving technology at this price.
Byton cars will integrate Amazon Alexa, to be remotely controlled by voice. In addition to having the basic features – the Byton EV platform – the company also designs the Byton Life platform, which will be dedicated to entertainment and information (cinema, music, cartography, research, etc.). ).
Moreover, there are two French signatures for the design: the design comes from Benoit Jacob, while the screen and the seats are designed by Faurecia.
A huge 48-inch diagonal screen
What really impressed me is the 48-inch touch screen. The size is impressive: the equivalent of 7 tablets or 24 smartphones. It covers the entire width of the windshield, which raises a legitimate question: is it legal?
This long screen is associated with a small touch screen in the center that allows you to view settings such as settings, music or your agenda. Besides, there is even an airbag under the touch screen in the steering wheel. In total, 5 screens are integrated into the car and the smallest is 7 inches diagonally.

Also note the presence of a camera in the dashboard that points to the driver to detect if he is focused on the road. This can be vital if you are actually driving the car or if you need to take over the autonomous driving in an emergency.
Byton sharpens his weapons and opens his first store
In terms of financing, Byton raised $ 500 million from investors such as FAW and CATL. The young manufacturer also counts among its partners: Bosch, Faurecia, Amazon and Baidu.
The trapping is about to get a production license in China. Since 2017, Byton has started work in Nanjing. The first functional prototypes were designed in August 2018, and there are now more than 100 test vehicles already ready.
The first Byton store will open in Shanghai next week, said Daniel Kirchert. Byton already has more than 1,500 employees at all of its sites.
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