Cdiscount: our selection of the best offers of the 2019 Winter Sale

On the occasion of the Winter Sale 2019, Cdiscount plays the game of markdowns by offering many interesting offers on high-tech products. Need a new smartphone, tablet or TV for Netflix & Chill nights? We have selected for you a list of products that should please you, while saving money.

NB: With the 2019 winter sales, it is possible that some offers presented here are no longer valid at the time you read these lines. We will update the article based on new offers as quickly as possible.
This is a selection of products we recommend for their quality. If you are interested in other products that we have not listed, find all the offers below:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 at 559 euros and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus at 659 euros
You were expecting a nice discount to get one of the latest flagship of the Korean manufacturer? Today, Cdiscount offers just the Samsung Galaxy S9 559 euros and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus from 659 euros. Take advantage now that they have Android 9 Pie!

The Xiaomi Mi 8 at 299 euros
With a Snapdragon 845 and an AMOLED display, the Xiaomi Mi 8 has many qualities that make it attractive. It is even more interesting at the price of 299 euros on Cdiscount, taking into account the ODR of 50 euros.

             Find the Xiaomi Mi 8 Blue on Cdiscount
The Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) goes to 249 euros
With its Super AMOLED display and Exynos 7885 SoC, the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) is a good solution for a mid-range smartphone. It is now available at 249 euros on Cdiscount, instead of 369 euros usually.

             Find Galaxy A8 (black) on Cdiscount
             Find Galaxy A8 (gold) on Cdiscount
             Find Galaxy A8 (orchid) on Cdiscount
The Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) goes to 199 euros
The Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) is an entry-level smartphone that has the merit of offering a complete solution. Find it at only 199 euros on Cdiscount for the 2019 Winter Sale.

             Find Galaxy A6 (black) on Cdiscount
             Find Galaxy A6 (gold) on Cdiscount
             Find Galaxy A6 (silver-blue) on Cdiscount
The Samsung Galaxy J6 at 149 euros and the Galaxy J6 Plus at 199 euros
The Korean manufacturer's J range is perfect for those who want to buy their first smartphone, or just if you need a backup phone. The Samsung Galaxy J6 goes down to 149 euros (instead of 199 euros) and the Galaxy J6 Plus goes to 199 euros (instead of 249 euros).

The iPhone X is available at 759 euros
Marketed at the end of 2017 by Apple, the iPhone X is still today one of the best smartphones on the market. Interested? With the Winter Sale 2019, it is now posted at 759 euros on Cdiscount, against more than 1000 euros on its release.

             Find the iPhone X on Cdiscount
The Motorola Moto G6
Here is a nice offer for a high-end midrange smartphone. The Motorola Moto G6 is available at 149 euros on Cdiscount, against 179 euros usually.

             Find the Motorola Moto G6 on Cdiscount
The Oculus Rift with both Touch controllers is 399 euros
Do you want to discover virtual reality content on your PC? The Oculus Rift headset, delivered with its two Touch controllers (with motion recognition), is 399 euros on Cdiscount, instead of 509 euros in normal time.

             Find the Oculus Rift on Cdiscount
The Xiaomi Mi Box S is 59 euros
The new version of Xiaomi's Android TV box, soberly named Mi Box S, is available on Cdiscount. Thanks to the Winter Sale 2019, it is available at 59 euros. A good price for one of the best Android TV box, now compatible with Google Assistant and with the latest version of Google's big-screen OS.

             Find the Xiaomi Mi Box S on Cdiscount
TV Samsung 4K UHD from 349 euros and TV Samsung 4K UHD curved from 469 euros
If your old TV does not satisfy you anymore, the 2019 Winter Sale is a good opportunity to change the main equipment of your living room. The Samsung TV NU7092KXXC 4K UHD 43 inches is available at 349 euros while the curved model, NU7372KXXC, in 49 inches is 469 euros on Cdiscount.

The iPad 2018 is available from 299 euros
The iPad 2018 is without any tablet that has the best quality / price ratio on the market. Interested? It is available at 299 euros on Cdiscount, or 329 euros if you want to get the Apple Pencil with the tablet.

             Find the iPad 2018 on Cdiscount
             Find the iPad 2018 (with Apple Pencil) on Cdiscount
The Huawei MediaPad T3 10 inches is available at 99 euros
The Huawei MediaPad T3 is a good tablet that is more than enough for basic use (videos, Internet, games, etc.). It is available at 99 euros on Cdiscount, against 199 usually.

             Find the Huawei MediaPad T3 on Cdiscount
The PlayStation Classic goes down to 59.99 euros instead of 99 euros
You were waiting for a price cut to buy the Classic Edition of the Sony PlayStation? It is now available at 60 euros on Cdiscount.

             Find the PlayStation Classic on Cdiscount

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