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You have not had time to follow all the announcements made during the CES in Las Vegas? Do not worry, FrAndroid's editorial team is here to provide you with a summary of all the news announced during the Consumer Electronic Show, the big show of new technologies. To not miss anything, consider signing up for the FrAndroid newsletter!

The news of January 7, 2019
Mad Box: the crazy promises of a new game console
It's pretty crazy in 2019: Slightly Mad Studios, the studio that publishes Project CARS, wants to launch a new game console.
HP Unveils AMOLED Specter x360, Chromebook and Monstrous Screen at CES 2019
The HP manufacturer naturally takes advantage of CES 2019 to unveil a range of new computers and luxury Tech products. Among them, we especially remember the specter x360 screen 15 inches AMOLED, tons of Chromebook and a new BFG screen.
Asus unveils a curious hybrid product: WiFi router and Alexa connected speaker
At CES 2019, Asus unveiled a curious product that is a WiFi router, but also a connected speaker Alexa. Here is a new category of products that could be more and more popular.
Alienware m17: the PC gamer Nvidia Max-Q large format with a RTX 2080
Dell unveils new Alienware computer at CES 2019. The m17 benefits from the Max-Q format to try to combine mobility and power.

Byton: this is the incredible 48-inch screen that will power the M-Byte and K-Byte electric cars
The new rival of Tesla sharpens his weapons. At CES 2019, Byton unveiled three electric cars and gave more details on the famous 48-inch diagonal LCD screen.
Apple and Samsung join forces: iTunes and AirPlay 2 arrive on Korean TVs
Here is a surprising news. After years of rumors around an Apple TV, we have just learned that Apple and Samsung have decided to partner around Korean TV to integrate the services and functions of the Californian group.
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 officialized at 369 euros: features and availability
Nvidia took advantage of the CES 2019 to formalize its GeForce RTX 2060. By the way, its price increases compared to the GeForce GTX 1060.
Withings Move: a new "French" connected watch with 18 months of autonomy
Withings, under French flag, returns with a connected watch named Move. Its characteristics are classic with two details.
Samsung Announces Micro LED 4K in 75-inch format: OLED is in danger at CES 2019
Samsung's achievement at CES 2019 is to have continued to miniaturize its Micro LED technology. Unfortunately, we will not benefit in 2019.
Raptor: Razer unveils its first 27-inch gamer screen at CES 2019
Razer is basically a manufacturer of accessories that has now evolved to include laptops in its products. All that was missing was an accessory: a screen for gamers. Here is the Raptor, presented at CES 2019.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 land on the laptops gamers
At CES 2019, Nvidia also announced the deployment of the GeForce RTX Turing GPU platform on laptops. The first models will be available from January 2019.
BPM Core: In the face of Apple, Withings launches into the heart health race
With his new Move connected watches, the French Withings also unveiled at CES Las Vegas its new connected blood pressure monitor, the Withings BPM Core.
Chromebook 315: Acer unveils its new laptop under Chrome OS from 350 euros
On the occasion of CES in Las Vegas, several manufacturers have announced the upcoming arrival of Chromebooks shipping not Intel processors, but models from AMD. This is the case of the Acer Chromebook 315, expected from 350 euros.
Absent from CES, Apple is paying Google on its practices related to data collection
Absent, as always, the annual high mass dedicated to electronics, CES, Apple did not fail to deliver a nice message to his acolytes GAFAM, Google on the front line.
Acer Swift 7 2019: more power for a single-kilo laptop
Acer also benefits from CES 2019 to unveil some new products. Among them, the redesign of the Acer Swift 7 for 2019 is the most attractive, with ever more power for this laptop a kilo only.
Asus reinvents notebook notch at CES 2019 to reduce curbs
Asus has just introduced, in the framework of CES 2019, its brand new ZenBook S13. This notebook prides itself on having a screen covering 97% of the useable area thanks to an almost brilliant idea: a reverse notch.
Volvo Polestar 2: the electric car will adopt a 100% Android system
Volvo has taken advantage of CES 2019 to unveil some details of the Polestar 2. A 100% electric vehicle that will adopt Android.

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