Chrome 72 is available: do not rely on it to set up your Chromecast

Chrome 72 is being deployed on Windows, macOS and Linux. This latest release puts an end to the ability to configure its Chromecast from the browser.

Chrome 72 is already available on mobile, but it was still waiting for its desktop version. It's now done: the latest version is being deployed on Windows, macOS and Linux.
In the program of this update, nothing particularly important. It remains however a disappearance which will be able to disturb a small handful of user and which is to take into consideration for the others.
Chrome 72 will no longer set up your Chromecast
Desktop Chrome no longer allows you to set up your Chromecast from the browser. Previously, it was possible to visit the chrome: // cast page for this, but this URL now redirects to the Google Home app download for Android or iOS.
Rest assured: you will still be able to "cast" any tab on your Chromecast. Only the initial configuration is concerned, surely to highlight the Google Home application that now manages the entire domotics universe of Google.
New in Chrome 72
The 72 version of Chrome was not just an opportunity to remove a feature. The parameter page has been slightly retouched to better separate the autocompletion section from the rest of the configurations.
It now integrates with the WebAuthn API used by the operating systems themselves, allowing to activate Windows Hello for example for web use. On macOS and Chrome OS, external identity verification devices using BLE are now compatible.
The deployment begins today.
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