Chrome on Android: finally a button "close all tabs" in approach

Chrome on Android will not be long in retrieving a handy feature: the ability to close all tabs at once to clean up a bit of memory.

There are two schools on mobile: those who have Chrome on Android with a hundred tabs never deleted, and those who must absolutely close their tabs once their reading is over or they will feel bad.
I'm part of the last school, and have never understood the reflexes of the first one. That's why I'm very happy to see that Chrome on Android will help my comrades very soon.
Chrome on Android will soon have an important shortcut
Indeed, a small update that may seem innocuous was spotted by XDA Developers for the mobile version of Google's web browser. We can see that Chrome Canary, the very unstable test version of Chrome, now includes a shortcut to close all tabs in one go.

Similar to the shortcut often available in the multitasking mode of Android, it will allow anyone to blindly close the thirty tabs open on their application. The opportunity to do a great cleaning for the first school, but also to safeguard the mental health of your friends from the last.
There is nothing worse visually than seeing all those useless tabs not being cleaned up. Save people suffering from this obsession: close your tabs. Now. And remove these badges of intolerable notifications, at the same time. Oh, and so do this system update, really. How do you keep a constantly unread notification, are you serious ?! But I go astray.
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