Chrome on Android now offers a preview of the pages you want to open

The latest version of Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev on Android allows you to preview links you want to click. A good way to make sure you are going to land on a relevant page.

On Android, two versions of Chrome can discover the new features coming on Google's browser: Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev. As noted by the site XDA Developers, these two applications now offer a new feature for the moment in test: preview display on the links that you want to open, what Google calls "ephemeral tabs ".

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To do this, as detailed in the XDA Developers video, just enter the address "chrome: // flags / # enable-ephemeral-tab" in the URL bar, then select "enabled" under "year". ephemeral tab in an overlay panel "(an ephemeral tab in a superimposed panel). Therefore, by long pressing a link on any web page, you can choose to open the page in a preview.
Previews are not real Google Chrome tabs. They are displayed in a window at the bottom of the screen that can be dragged up. If the links in this preview window can be clicked, you can not tap and hold a link as if it were a classic Chrome tab.
For now, the feature is only available on Chrome's alpha versions, Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary. It is still unclear whether it will go the extra mile to appear eventually on the final version of Google's browser.
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