Chrome on Android will also be entitled to its dark theme

The news of a dark theme for Google Chrome has appeared recently. Fortunately, the mobile version on Android will also have the right.

Dark themes are popular. It must be said that too long we burned our retinas by consulting our smartphones at night: it was time that changes.
Google is paradoxically part of the problem as well as the solution, its new interfaces putting a lot of emphasis on the white color when it is also the one that has the biggest impact on creating dark themes for its applications. The Chrome browser is one of them, but the first news was just about the desktop version … so far.
A dark theme for Chrome on Android
A new commit, spotted by 9to5Google, has been made on the development platform of Chrome. This indicates the creation of two new "flags" of development for an experience on the dark theme on the Android platform.
Here's what to confirm without a doubt that the dark theme is also developing for Android. Alas, we will not be able to see the result before some time: it is impossible to activate this particular flag outside the development teams of Google.

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