Citroën: this concept of electric cart is as ugly as it is interesting

The Citroën AMI One has a special design, but this mini electric car could meet some success if the French manufacturer plays his cards well.
Image credit: Citroën
The appearance does not make the habit of the monk. At the Geneva International Motor Show 2019, the French manufacturer Citroën will exhibit AMI One, a concept of a very small electric car whose design is quite incongruous. And as we are bad tongues, we will even allow ourselves to confess that we do not find it very beautiful.
However, this cart deserves the attention of road users. Limited to a maximum speed of 45 km / h, it complies with the legislation on unlicensed cars in force in several countries, including France. Also note that AMI One has a range of 100 km / h with a full charge according to Citroën.
Little price ?
These characteristics, far removed from the powerful and futuristic ultra concept cars, will certainly make this vehicle available at a relatively reasonable price.
The market in which Citroën is interested is still to prove its worth in Europe, but it has a certain potential. The Wall Street Journal mentioned the fact that 1.75 million electric carts were sold in China in the course of 2017. This is twice the number of normal electric vehicles sold in the Middle Kingdom. over the same period.
The practical aspect of the AMI One could convince some motorists to crack for this vehicle despite its atypical appearance.

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