Compare DJI Phantom 4 Pro Version DJI Phantom 4 Standard

Following many questions that have been asked by readers, I propose a quick comparison of the Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 pro, the professional version of the best seller of 2016. Quick comparative table: As you probably know, DJI has announced the release of this pro version last month at the same time as that of the new Inspire 2. Let's take a look together at the improvements implemented on the professional version. More complete obstacle avoidance system Have already planted your multirotor in a tree? It's not always easy to see obstacles even for the most experienced pilots. According to DJI, the P4 pro can analyze its environment and avoid obstacles up to a speed of 50 km / h in flight! under the aircraft allow a precision landing and offer more precision for hovering. The all-new Narrow Sensing Mode also allows for precise movement in confined spaces, all coupled with the tripod mode presented at the time of the release of the Mavic Pro.DJI offers a size update for a constantly changing Phantom range and always A camera for the pros! An update that many videographers and aerial photographers have been waiting for, the camera of the Phantom 4 pro has been completely redesigned with a brand new 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor with 12 stops. DJI intends here to correct the main defects of the P4 including shooting in high and low brightness! It also allows shooting in 4K mode at 60 frames / sec against only 30 fps for the Phantom 4 which will achieve great slow motion and to reduce the potential effects Jello and Rolling Shutter. Keep in mind that a high cadence limits the recording of the distortions induced by the vibrations of your machine and the movement of the drone. It also allows to obtain a more fluid rendering. The pro version is equipped with a mechanical shutter to eliminate the effects of rolling shutter distortions.With the P4 pro version is increased to 5,472 x 3648 pixels against only 4000 x 3000 pixels in the Phantom 4 standard.You will enjoy here a greater latitude to improve and correct your post-production videos before converting to HD or to extract good quality photos which is always pleasant especially for semi-professional and pro. Attention it will also be necessary to equip you with a good graphic card and RAM to be able to manage this type of definition on your PC / MAC. Here 84 degrees against 94 for the standard version. We get closer to what the human eye can perceive here, which tends to contrast with the Gopro for example, which offers "very" wide angle and often suffer from the famous fish-eye effect. A narrower field of vision allows to obtain better results (more detailed) for all that is taken closer shots and for subjects of the types monuments, statues, cars, groups of people. Here you will have the opportunity to adjust the focus as on the Mavic Pro and take closer pictures. The camera allows you to take pictures up to 20 megapixels in JPG or RAW DNG via its new CMOS sensor 1 inch f / 2.8. You will have better room for maneuver at the aperture level with the possibility to push up to 11 stops. New codec and better compression The videos are here compressed to 100 Mbps via an H.265 compression against 60 Mbps in H.264 for the P4 standard. The H.264 is still available as on the standard P4. It's really a "game changer" here in my opinion because this new codec really allows to get better textures especially for filming landscapes and trees. Many problems related to lower bit rates are here fixed and you can zoom without losing sharpness.Reste to wait for an update of Adobe to be able to manage this codec in a native way. As a rule, the camera of the new P4 pro does not really have a competitor at the moment (even compared to the Gopro Hero 5)! It is much more powerful in low light, offers better resolutions, less compression in video mode, better frame rates, an opening control and the Tap To Focus mode. Intelligent Flight Modes Probably one of the smartest UAVs DJI has put the package on the Active Track subject tracking mode to track any subject in a completely autonomous way, all coupled with an avoidance system. You have the Trace, Profile and Spotlight modes for shooting and tracking the subject from behind, from behind or from the side. The possibilities are endless here, for you to leave room for your creativity. The Phantom 4 Pro borrows certain modes from the Mavic Pro as Gesture mode to control the drone via predefined gestures for example to trigger a photo in selfie mode. Tap-Fly (typing on the return screen to direct the Phantom to a specific location) was also reviewed and corrected to provide a backward-forward mode of travel (previously only forward, which had been worth quite a lot reviews at DJI). For you back tracking in a fully automated and assisted way! The Return To Home (RTH) mode has also been improved and becomes smarter! The sensors under the underside of the machine allow the P4 pro to better analyze its environment and adjust its altitude in relation to obstacles encountered on the way. You will not have to stress here in case of activation of the RTH mode when the drone is out of sight (which is not legal in France but unfortunately can happen) and behind a big building obstacle … The landing is It's also more precise, just like on the Mavic Pro, thanks to these new sensors and its precision landing. The novelty here is Draw mode, which allows you to draw a fast flight plan on your screen to steer the drone for a simple tracking shot. no major novelty especially design level. The Pro version offers two types of controllers here, a "classic" like that of the P4 and a control compatible with the new Crystalsky anti-glare screen developed by DJI. This is a 5.5 inch screen with a brightness around 1000 cd / m2 which is great for shooting in bright light or sunny.The radio control with screenThe drone also offers more scope for video return level, pay attention The radiocontrol also makes it possible to change the frequency to avoid any problem of interferences especially in areas with a high density. Autonomy in flight Autonomy is here on the rise (attention all the same to the optimism manufacturers …) and goes to 30 minutes (28 minutes for the standard version) .PriceThe Phantom 4 in Professional version is available at 1699 € for the basic version and 1 999 € for the version with screen. Available at the following online stores: The Phantom 4 is available at the following online stores:

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