Compare Gopro Karma – DJI Mavic

Now that the two "sensations of the moment", the Gopro Karma and the DJI Mavic, have been presented to the public and that the spirits are slowly calming, I would like to take the time to compare their main technical characteristics. users, not just multirotors, tend to rely primarily on purely technical features to compare "high-tech" products, which does not always give an accurate picture of the reality of things (Apple's fan boys will surely recognize here …) .It is true that the Mavic really looks great on paper but the two drones have not yet been commercialized and really tested, it is important not to bury the drone of Gopro that presents when even a few assets on paper. Most of the videos available online now are commercial videos and do not reflect the reality of things in my opinion.This article e It is a way of comparing the technical characteristics of these two products by putting them face to face and before their release. Although not having exactly the same positioning and the same targets, these two companies are currently energizing the industry and pushing it forward from the competition generated by these devices. These two quadri share some Similarities, they are both foldable and compact but also have characteristics of their own.

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