Connected wristbands and watches: Xiaomi wins in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with the help of Huami

The latest figures from IDC leave little doubt about Xiaomi's success in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The Chinese manufacturer takes first place ahead of Apple and the specialist Fitbit.

First thing to remember the latest IDC figures for the third quarter of 2018 wearables market (connected bracelets, smart watches, etc.): contrary to what one might think, the wearables market believes. In one year, the market has grown by 55%, a total of 6.6 million units have been sold in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).
IDC identifies two segments in this market with basic products (eg connected wristbands), a segment that grew by 48% between the second quarter and the third quarter of 2018. This segment accounts for more than half of the wearable market, 55.5%. % exactly. The other segment includes smart products, such as smart watches, with 65% growth over the same period.
Xiaomi pulls out of the game
The American Fitbit is often cited as the leader in the wearable sector. This is now wrong in the EMEA zone. Xiaomi took the first place with a dizzying rise, the growth of the Chinese manufacturer is 766.4% in one year. As a reminder, Xiaomi has partnered with industry specialists by investing in the capital of several startups, including Huami, which is part of the Mi ecosystem.


It is the latter who makes the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, one of the most popular bracelets, but also the Amazfit Bip that we tested. Huami has also positioned to counter Apple by announcing a chip "heart health".
Fitbit is losing market share, but its sales still increase by 21.8%. Another player to watch is Apple, which sells about 1 million Apple Watch, but the American company takes a big part of the market in value (considering the turnover). It's pretty simple to understand: Xiaomi products are low-cost products unlike Apple products. It should be noted that Samsung continues to grow. The Korean manufacturer released the Galaxy Watch in October 2018.


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