Cybic Legend: this smart bike integrates Amazon Alexa for your safety

Cybic Legend is not a bike like the others: on board, the voice assistant Amazon Alexa transforms the user experience and improve the safety of the cyclist. The product will be highlighted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019.

If the editorial staff does not hesitate to dwell on the new original electric bikes on the market – from Domane + to Scrambler to SUN-E and Peugeot e-Legend – it can not miss out on the Cybic Legend , a smart two-wheeled and connected to innovative features. His particuliarity ? The presence of the personal assistant Amazon Alexa on board.
Quickly, the magic of the Web has propelled the Cybic Legend into the heart of the news of bicycles … without it being possible either to get hold of the technical data sheet of the product, or even the company at the origin of this concept. Still, the model does exist, and will benefit from a stand at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, which FrAndroid will visit from January 8 to 12.
Real time traffic and weather forecast
The sale of the Cybic Legend has even been entrusted to a major British retailer named Halfords, the only platform allowed to sell the concept at the time of its launch. Do not hesitate to visit the site to subscribe to the product newsletter in case of interest. Otherwise, we will try to take a look at CES 2019.

But let's get to the heart of the matter: the bike welcomes a touch screen in the center of the handlebar, which will deliver you a whole series of information previously requested to Alexa. For example, the user can receive real-time traffic, weather forecasts, or even start a music playlist, send messages or order a dinner, simply by using his voice.
An electric version under development
The intensity of the rear and front lights should also be adjustable, while the screen will provide a plethora of data on your performance: speed, distance traveled or time spent pedaling. In case of theft despite the security lock and the alarm installed, a tracking system will help you find your bike, all via a dedicated application.
According to DigitalTrends and TechRadar, the teams have integrated a WiFi network and cellular data: a Vodafone SIM card offering three years of free 3G service should even be part of the packaging at the time of purchase. The icing on the cake: an electric version, named Cybric E-Legend, could also be launched at its side.
More generally, using a voice assistant on a bike would be a good alternative to the mobile phone "at the wheel", since the user would have both hands to maintain its course and avoid potential dangers. What to improve its security.

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