Deployment of very high speed in campaign: Macron "puts pressure" on operators

Faced with mayors worrying about the digital deployment of their small towns and villages, President Emmanuel Macron says "put pressure" on operators.

The very high speed plan in France has been delayed. If large cities are increasingly benefiting from fiber optics and customers are present, the same can not be said of the smaller cities and the French countryside that are still suffering from the aging ADSL lines.
Mayors worry about it, of course. The question was put directly to Emmanuel Macron at the Palais des Congrès in Souillac, where the representatives met as UniversFreebox tells us.
Emmanuel Macron puts pressure on operators
Emmanuel Macron first recalls the problematic of both sides. From the operators' point of view, the investment is lagging behind because deployment is expensive for low profitability. And on the other hand, the development of agglomerations and their industry can not be sustained without good internet access.

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Thus, the President of the Republic recalls that these lines "are not profitable alone," underscoring half-word the effort of the state to create RIP. But above all, it puts forward a certain firmness by indicating "put pressure" to operators for deployment to develop at the right pace.
Remember that the "very high speed" also includes VDSL2 lines and 4G boxes. Also, nothing says that FTTH optical fiber is the priority, even if it would be the most sustainable solution for the development of industries in the region.

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