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VESA has inaugurated a new HDR certification at CES 2019. It targets OLED and MicroLED screens which benefit from an absolute contrast.
When we talk about televisions, a lot of standards and certifications accumulate on the product sheets. We know for example the acronym Dolby Vision, Ultra HD Premium, or HDR10 which offer HDR certifications, often paid to manufacturers.
The DisplayHDR is another free standard pushed by VESA, the organization that deals with many standards in the video field. At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, VESA has just introduced a new standard designed for the new TVs Kings: OLED and MicroLED.
Brightness below 0.0005 cd / m²
The DisplayHDR TrueBlack will be a new sticker that manufacturers can elegantly place on their TV sitting on the shelves of a store to signify that the slab displays real blacks.
The standard requires more precisely that the brightness at the display of a black image is below 0.0005 cd / m², an insignificant figure. This is possible thanks to the specificities of the OLED and MicroLED screens that allow to turn off or turn on each pixel, without managing a general backlight.
It also takes into account the speed of display of the OLED, since it imposes a change from black to white in two images maximum, against 8 images for the DisplayHDR LCD screens.

Two standards exist: the DisplayHDR True Black 400 and the DisplayHDR True Black 500. They are distinguished by a maximum brightness that must respectively reach 400 or 500 cd / m².
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