Diversity, handicap, yellow vest: discover the 230 new emoji of 2019

The Unicode consortium unveiled the 230 new emojis integrated into Unicode 12.0, which will be deployed throughout 2019 on the platforms.

It is now a tradition, every year the Unicode consortium unveils a new version of its standard exchange of text and pictograms. In 2019, version 12.0 will land on our platforms and add no less than 230 new emojis.
Representation for all is progressing
For several years, Unicode has been working to improve the representation of minorities, including the tool to vary the skin tone for the same emoji.
Lastly, the 2019 iteration is particularly important for people with disabilities, including emojis for prostheses, people in wheelchairs, the visually impaired or hard of hearing, and guide dogs for the blind.
Emojis representing individuals or couples also have the right to many new variations, with the notable addition of a neutral gender and interracial couples.
Credit: Emojipedia
The lazy, the waffle … and the yellow vest!
Unicode 12.0 adds new animal, clothing and food emojis. We note in particular the arrival of the pink flamingo and lazy, as well as butter, garlic and waffle.
Credit: Emojipedia

The most interesting, given the news in France, is probably to look for clothing with the addition of the "safety vest", a colorful vest to be seen in the middle of the night, that the consortium represents in orange, but that seems ideal for the movement of yellow vests. We also note the arrival of the underpants, the ballerina, the underpants, the swimsuit 1 piece, and the sari.

At the medical level, the stethoscope makes its arrival with the bandage. There is still no emoji to represent the rules, but there is now the drop of blood.

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