DJI relies on a parachute to hurt no one during the fall of a drone

A company designed a parachute specially adapted for DJI drones. This safety system is the first to meet the requirements of an international standard and could thus allow pilots to operate above area with a high density of people.

Flying a drone is a leisure or professional activity whose popularity gradually increases with time and the improvement of the proposed devices. However, for obvious safety reasons, the vast majority of countries prohibit flying such devices over places frequented by large numbers of people.
This precaution is simply to ensure that no person on the ground is injured in the event of a fall of a drone. As a result, unless they benefit from special authorization from the authorities, pilots must move away from the cities (among other protected areas).
International Standard
Now, here comes the company Indemnis. It designed a small parachute designed for the DJI Inspire 2. This security system was called Nexus – not to be confused with the flying taxi Uber – and obviously aims to facilitate obtaining a flight authorization above densely populated or traversed places.
As you can imagine, other parachute systems have already been designed for drones in the past. However, the Nexus is the first to be validated by the international technical standard ASTM F3322-18. It "is designed to allow safe flight operations over people in small unmanned aerial vehicles while using a parachute as a risk mitigation device". This standard covers five different fall scenarios.

Obtain authorization from the authorities
This safety system significantly slows down the speed of a drone, giving the crowd time to disperse. Indemnis has designed parachutes especially for DJI drones. The latter relies on it to obtain certifications from the FAA, the government agency that administers all the regulations on civil aviation in the United States.
It remains to be seen how this news will be welcomed by the French authorities whose rules are also very strict.

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