Do pierced screens appeal to you? – Poll of the week

Appearing at the very end of 2018, smartphones with pierced screen now have their spearhead since this design has been adopted by Samsung for its entire S10 range. But does this aesthetic choice please you? Tell us in our poll this week.
The Samsung Galaxy S10
With their hole in the screen, soberly dubbed "bubble" by Samsung, the Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus have once again managed to dodge the notch while increasing the display area on the front of the smartphone. But the last three high-end Samsung are not the first smartphones to wear this design.
Late last year, Samsung was the first to break through with its Galaxy A8s reserved for the Chinese market. The Korean manufacturer was closely followed by the Huawei group with the Nova 4 and Honor View 20. However, until Galaxy S10, only the Honor View 20 had arrived to France.
Now that you've been able to familiarize yourself with the design of the Galaxy S10 and its pierced screen, what do you think? Tell us by answering our questionnaire and possibly by expanding in the comments.
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Apple cheesy by its competitors at the MWC 2019
Last week, we asked you about the MWC and, more specifically, the innovations brought by Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others in Barcelona. While the 2018 edition of the show was a fair to the copy of the iPhone X, it seems that all manufacturers have brought their own innovations this year. An impression that you seem to share.

You have been more than 2300 to answer our survey last week and say that opinions are decided. For 77% of you, Apple has been nerd by its competitors this year (for Yelf, it is already the case for "long time"), when 23% think that Apple is not yet nerdy, especially because foldable screens do not have any use yet.
It is interesting to see, however, that some of you, like Fred76 for example, believe that the folding screen is perhaps not "the future", which leaves room for maneuver to the Cupertino company . Finally, Romain Ducher advances the interesting theory – and shared by others – that "Apple still imposes its pace" and that there is no point running because when the apple decides to launch a foldable smartphone, "all others will go copy, "taking up his form-factor and his possible software ideas. A prediction that makes sense …

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