Do you play Fortnite on your smartphone? Prepare to suffer: your opponents will play on Nintendo Switch

People playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch will now be automatically mingled with mobile players. What give them a maneuverability advantage through joysticks more practical than a touch screen.

You've read it regularly: Fortnite has a solid box on mobile, both on iOS and Android. The Battle Royale has quickly become the big game, even if it only runs on the best equipped models.
However, there is one thing to know: so far, not to create an imbalance, the mobile players remained between them and the players also consoles. This makes it possible not to favor a category of users, joysticks and joysticks for better handling than a touch screen.
But Epic Games, the creator of the game, decided to change the rules and players of Fortnite on mobile can now be confronted with people playing on Nintendo Switch, the famous hybrid console.
"We expect a better overall experience for both mobile players and Switch players," says the developer. One can not help but wonder if the users of Nintendo Switch will not take the advantage over their opponents.
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Fortunately, players on smartphones can equip a compatible controller to clear this handicap. Do not hesitate to discover our selection.
Also note that the cross-platform was already possible, but it was the mobile players to activate this possibility to join players on PC or Switch.

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PS4 vs Xbox One
The other important news to remember is that Xbox One players will now be mingled with those on Playstation 4.
This cross-platform initiative is due to the fact that Epic Games now has more technical resources to "mix" the players without causing any technical problems.
These novelties are currently deployed on the game.
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