Does Free still have your support? – Poll of the week

After a sensational debut on the fixed and mobile Internet market, Free has captured the hearts of French consumers. But as the operator changes course and disappoints, does he still receive your support? Take our poll.

The operator Free has a particular history in France. And for good reason: it is almost solely thanks to him that the prices practiced in the fixed internet market such as the mobile have dropped significantly, and that the need to be engaged for one or two years has somewhat disappeared.
For some time yet, Free loses its superb. The announcement of the Delta Freebox, its high tariffs and controversial conditions did not please. While the operator is reorienting towards quality rather than accessibility, it seems that its subscribers do not follow the trend: SFR has recently managed to re-exceed Free to the number of subscribers.
Is there a fatigue of the "telecom troublemaker"? This is what we want to know this week by asking you this question: does Free still have your support?
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Consoles and cloud gaming will coexist
Last week, after the announcement of Google Stadia, we were looking to see if from your point of view cloud gaming had the ability to kill traditional consoles. You were 1976 to answer us.

The vast majority of you (51.9%) consider that cloud gaming and traditional consoles are likely to coexist. One does not replace the other but strengthens it.
More surprising then, 32.6% of respondents still consider that cloud gaming and the arrival of Google Stadia rings the knell for consoles. An opinion that may have seemed to underrepresent. Finally, only 15.5% of you think that traditional consoles are simply made to last.

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