Download Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free on his tablet or smartphone

All of us are aware that the Office suite is a much needed application on our tablets or smartphones. Indeed, having the freedom to write a small article or use a spreadsheet when we are not in front of our computer is an advantage that should allow us our portable devices. As well as other applications, we would like to have access to our Office suite on the train or the subway, in a restaurant while waiting for an appointment, in a park … Download WordDownload Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free on your device mobileThe list below gives you different links corresponding to the application you are looking for according to your mobile device: Windows Phone and Tablet: Word, Excel, PowerpointiOS: Word, Excel, PowerpointAndroid: Word, Excel, PowerpointThe limits of these applicationsThese applications are free of charge, but may only be used for the consultation of documents. You can not change anything. To have access to this feature, and therefore all the necessary features for handling .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files, you have two choices: either subscribe to a subscription from Microsoft to the Office 365 application (from 69 € / year) either, use the free online service of Microsoft, Office Online. The online version is preferable since it is free. In short, you only pay for the cost of your communication (according to your subscription system at your internet provider). In addition, use Office online does not require any subscription, it is used directly from your web browser.However, however, do not dismiss the paid version of Microsoft Office 365. If you have the budget, you have access to the one of the best office applications that exist. The best free alternatives to Microsoft Office There are many free alternatives to Microsoft Office. However, the LibreOffice office suite is surely the best. It is open source and completely free. You can even save your documents in Microsoft format: .docx, .xlsx … Otherwise, you also have WPS Office, FreeOffice or Google Docs.

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