DxOMark: the OnePlus 6T gets the same rating as the best photo smartphones of 2017

DxOMark, the specialist in photography, has just published its report on the OnePlus 6T. With a score of 98, the newest member of BBK Electronics' subsidiary is positioned at the same level as the tenors of 2017, Pixel 2 and iPhone X.

Released for a while already, the OnePlus 6T has just passed into the hands of DxOMark, famous independent benchmark specialized in photography. The smartphone received an overall rating of 98, two points more than its predecessor, the OnePlus 6. Remember that the photo is one of the points on which the brand has worked the most this year to correct what was the biggest fault of the 2017 generation (OnePlus 5 and 5T).
Good in photo, less in video
As always with DxOMark, however, you have to read the entire report and not stop at the overall score. We note, for example, that the OnePlus 6T received a rating of 101 in photo and 91 in video. A gap that is reminiscent of the iPhone X. The latter had obtained an overall rating of 97 with 101 photo and 89 video.
The strengths of the OnePlus 6T are its autofocus, its dynamic range in good conditions, its management of the exhibition, its well-managed portrait mode or its good restitution of details on its main focus.
However, DxOMark regrets a white balance that draws purple, some optical defects (ghosting, ringing, halo …), the appearance of noise in low light, artefacts on moving targets in portrait mode or the loss of details on the zoomed photos.
Among the best of last year
If this score does not allow him to climb among the best of the best (remember that the P20 Pro has a score of 109 and the iPhone XS Max is 105), the OnePlus 6T can boast of being the same level as the best smartphones of 2017, like the Pixel 2 or the iPhone X.
Looking more closely at the detail, we note that the Pixel 2 surpasses the OnePlus 6T only for the management of exposure and colors. For video, however, Pixel 2 is clearly ahead with a score of 96 obtained thanks to its stabilization, its suppression of digital noise and the few artifacts it produces.
Although it does not compete with the best flagships of this year (including the Mate 20 Pro and Pixel 3 that have not yet passed into the hands of DxOMark), the OnePlus 6T is doing pretty well and proves the the brand's desire to improve on the essential points while remaining at a much lower price.
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