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The almost final design of the M-Byte was revealed at the CES in Las Vegas, where an advanced version of the dashboard dominated by a 48-inch XXL display and a steering wheel-mounted touch screen was discovered. Pack with us in the Byton M-Byte electric SUV.

Currently, the Tesla Model 3 is the most prominent electric car. This car is basically a rolling gadget controlled by a centrally mounted 15-inch touch screen. What seems to be a symbolic technological break in the automotive world is just the beginning of a whole new era.
At CES 2019, we were able to discover the almost final design of the M-Byte, with the advanced version of the dashboard dominated by a 48-inch XXL screen and a touch screen mounted on the steering wheel.This Chinese brand unknown at Battalion was already present at the 2018 edition of CES. The M-Byte is one of three electric cars that will be marketed by Byton. According to Kirsten Brightfeld, one of its leaders, it's SF. You'll see, it's not SF, but it looks like a lot.
The dashboard of the M-Byte is dominated by a 48-inch screen
The M-Byte measures 4.85 meters long, 1.94 meters wide and 1.65 meters high with 22-inch wheels. At the front of the car, thin LED headlights are what Byton calls a "smart surface". Instead of door knobs, this car features facial recognition cameras that verify biometric data and unlock the door only to authorized users.
No door wrist, your biometric data is your key
Let's look at this famous screen. The curved Shared Experience Display is 48 inches diagonally, it totally dominates the dashboard. It was designed by Faurecia, a leading French group in the engineering and production of automotive equipment. The work of the French group lasted two screens, they also designed the software platform. The whole system runs on a modified version of Android and is named Byton OS.

This screen has been reinforced to withstand shocks in case of accident, it is controlled by the voice but also thanks to an 8-inch touchpad in the center console. The screen interface is divided into three sections: driver information, navigation and multimedia. On each end can be seen the real-time heart rate of the two front passengers.

The XXL display is also used to display images from three rear-facing cameras: two replace the mirrors while a third is mounted on the rear of the car. Like on our smartphone, the brightness and background color of the display automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions. Two other screens are installed on the rear seats for the passengers. Diggers from Faurecia have certified that the entire platform and its integration have been designed to meet global safety standards.

The 7-inch touch screen in the steering wheel rests slightly upward to make room for an airbag. Shifting is done with physical buttons on the fly, rather than with a gear lever. Other physical buttons will only be used when required by law, for example to activate hazard lights.

Speech recognition will allow hands-free controls, Byton has partnered with Amazon to integrate the Alexa voice assistant. Facial recognition is also a promised feature, it will identify the driver to load specific profiles. The Bosch company is also the partner for biometric sensor technology, and Aurora for autonomous driving technology.
               No door wrist, your biometric data is your key
Note that the M-Byte will also have front seats that rotate inward when the car is in stand-alone mode. The company plans to support tier-three autonomous driving at launch, but the entry-level model will not integrate this basic option.
Byton also revealed more details about the car's powertrain (GMP). The power of the M-Byte will be stored in modular lithium-ion batteries that are part of the vehicle chassis, with promised capacities of 71 kWh and 95 kWh. Byton says the car will have a range of 400 kilometers, and 520 kilometers with the improved battery pack.
Although the M-Byte is considered an affordable price, its first prize is equivalent to Tesla's Model 3 (about $ 45,000), yet it has more of the Model S. As we said above, its design is developed by leading European designers. Because it is the case, she is a beautiful and proud. This is probably because the great BMW designer, Benoit Jacob, also participates, the atmosphere is also similar to that of the BMW i8.
(…) the atmosphere is similar to that of the BMW i8
There will be two configurations planned, including a 469 horsepower four-wheel drive system. Finally, a sedan and a minivan should follow and use the same platform.
Who is Byton?
The new electric vehicle manufacturer Byton is present in three countries, employs about 400 people and has global ambitions. But who is Byton? After approximately 18 months of anonymity as Future Mobility Corporation, Byton has a global identity. Is this a Chinese brand of electric vehicles? A German car manufacturer or a start-up from Silicon Valley? It's a bit of the three.
Byton is a company based in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. Its founder is Feng Leather, founder of the largest Chinese car dealership "China Harmony Auto Holding" in China. Byton is led by two men: Kirsten Brightfeld, who headed the BMW i division, and Daniel Kirchert, who was head of Infiniti's China business (Nissan's luxury car division).
The Byton name has several meanings. In English, it is a portmanteau of bytes, it is also linked to the expression bytes on wheels to express that the car is a mixture of automotive and internet worlds. In Chinese, the characters used to phonetically byton also signify adoration and resurrection, and it is meant to be fashionable, inspiring, and confident.

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