Europe, China, United States: in 2019, electric cars will pass the second

Bloomberg New Energy Finance delivered its 2019 predictions for the electric car sector, which is expected to continue to grow thanks to a breakthrough from China. Europe and North America would be neck and neck.

That the year 2018 was rich in announcements and novelties on the market of the electric cars, as well in terms of concepts as of finished products. And the report published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, based on its predictions 2019 transport and energy transition, tends to confirm this positive momentum observed in the last twelve months.
40% growth, but downward growth
Globally, sales recorded further increases: the growth recorded in 2018 amounts to 70%, for a total number of electric cars worldwide reaching 5 million (including buses and commercial vehicles). If the growth of 2019 should fall to 40%, the volume of copies sold promises to be gargantuan: 2.6 million more models.
Encouraging figures boosted by the breakthrough of China, which is expected to grab 1.5 million electric cars out of the 2.6 million sold in 2019. In total, the Middle Kingdom should hold 57% of the global market . At his side, South Korea and Japan seem very small with 100,000 vehicles introduced on their territory during this year.
Germany and the Nordic countries lead the way
On the European side, Bloomberg New Energy Finance anticipates the arrival of 500,000 new electrified cars, particularly in the Nordic countries and Germany. In Italy, sales are expected to begin to take off, in contrast to the United Kingdom, due to some government decisions going against the current of zero emission. France does not appear in the report.
In North America, the numbers will remain stable: 425,000 in 2019, against 405,000 in 2018. But the organization wishes to highlight the success of the Tesla Model 3, whose good form has given a boost to the sector. It will nevertheless require less expensive products to continue in this way, he warns.

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