Even mirrors integrate Google Assistant at CES 2019 – FrAndroid

CES 2019 also has its share of quirks. Capstone Connected Home has unveiled a mirror that also includes Google Assistant and Android.

With the general technological evolution and the 5G that is coming, fashion is at "everything connected". The Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas' largest tech show, is obviously the place where you can most notice it.
Home automation is one of his dadas, it is not uncommon to see products trying to revolutionize our daily lives. Here, it is a mundane object that has the right to its novelties: the mirror.
Capstone Connected Home, a specialist in home automation, has taken advantage of the show to present its "Smart Mirror". Yes, an object whose sole purpose is to reflect your image needs more now.
Smart Mirror, the mirror under Google Assistant
The "plus" is a second screen behind the mirror, which does not prevent to reflect your image, but is seen enough to be useful. It is connected and powered by Google Assistant, but its real OS has not been specified by the manufacturer: despite the image, it does not seem to be a simple Smart Display since it is capable to download and install applications. So we bet on a modified version of Android.
You can interact with the interface to the voice as well as your fingers, since after all, who does not like to put his fingerprints on his mirrors? The Smart Mirror promises to be able to identify up to 6 members of the same family, and automatically connect them to their Google accounts to find their personalized feed.
The Smart Mirror will initially be available in 19 x 22 inch format, and will be released in the first half of 2019. Its price has not been communicated, nor even the future sizes proposed.

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