Facebook: a brand new design for its Android application in approach

The Facebook application has only rarely changed its mind. The developer is now working on a brand new design, inspired by his latest redesign Messenger.

Facebook is one of the "oldest" sites on the web and mobile. Its users consult him very often in the day, they quickly got used to its interface but can get tired just as quickly.
Messenger recently had the right to a redesign, which gives way to large areas of white. We quickly knew why: a dark theme is now available, although only thanks to a specific little manipulation at the moment. Facebook should not delay following the same path.
New Facebook interface
The community of XDA Developers has indeed spotted a test was underway for a new interface of the Android application Facebook. A user was left overnight with a white design, as follows:

The guidelines are exactly the same as Messenger currently, proving that the developer is looking for consistency in his application universe. What's more, it tends to show that a dark theme would eventually also appear on the main application.
This test is done via a server-side change, making it impossible to force the propagation. Moreover, it's a safe bet that only a handful of users are concerned at the moment. We will wait for more news from Facebook to determine its future availability.
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