Facebook loses millions of users to benefit Facebook

Facebook is constantly losing its image, and this is reflected in the number of users of the platform falling. However, they go to Instagram, owned by the same company.

Can we stop a behemoth of Tech as the Facebook company? The social network continues to experience scandal after scandal since the Cambridge Analytica case and the election of Donald Trump who would have been influenced by his site.
It might seem that Facebook is not as popular as it was before. And this is true according to a new analysis of MarketPlace, but everything is nuanced.
Facebook loses millions of users
In the US market, Facebook has lost 15 million users in recent years. This represents about 6% of the total US population over the age of 12, a significant drop in the market where the platform was born.

More specifically, it is the slice of users aged 12 to 34 who seems to be abandoning the social network the most. The 35-54 age group also experienced a decline, albeit less significant, in 2018. Only users over the age of 55 now appear to be on the social network: its user base is aging, which could be a sign of lack of attractiveness.
Instagram recovers users
What is really going on? In truth, these users are all turning to another social network: Instagram. The latter continues to grow in popularity since 2017, even as Facebook falls, succeeding in becoming "fashionable" by copying and improving the formula of the phenomenon Snapchat.

From this comes the irony: Facebook continues to report a growing number of users in its quarterly results. Logic: Instagram belongs to Facebook, and the company counts its active members without platform separation.
In the end, the behemoth continues its momentum. The scandals affecting the original social network do not reach its other platforms, making its growth unstoppable.
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