Facebook Messenger: a dark mode and the deletion of messages in test

The dark theme was one of the 2018 trends for apps. It is now the turn of Facebook to test this aesthetic, better adapted to the use of Messenger at night.

The arrival of the dark theme in an application is always an event well received by its users. It allows to use more comfortably the application when the lighting around the smartphone runs out.
The latest application to test this change, already widely adopted by Google, is none other than Facebook Messenger. The social network may have had a bad year in 2018, but its instant messaging application remains among the most popular.

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A test reserved for certain countries
Since the fall of 2018, Facebook is working on the deployment of a new major version of Messenger, with a lot of interface changes. This new version integrates for a few days a brand new dark theme.

The application leak specialist, Jane Manchun Wong has released screenshots of this new update. Unfortunately, this mode is only available in some countries at the moment, probably to control user feedback before a larger deployment.
It is hoped that the Lite version of the messaging application will also be concerned eventually.
Delete messages also in test
A user on Reddit has also discovered a new feature on one of his devices, the ability to delete his messages. The function is not even available on all its devices, it must also be a small-scale test before a widespread deployment.
We can notice that the application offers two options, either simply delete the message for yourself, ie delete it from your personal history, or delete it for all participants in the conversation.
This last option should allow to delete unfortunate messages before their reading by the recipient.
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