Facebook recovers some of your private data through third-party applications

After a disastrous year in terms of attacks on the privacy of its users, Facebook seems to have ended 2018 in the same way. The Financial Times has revealed that some applications give access to user data to Facebook without their consent.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed last spring, many revelations have touched Facebook and reached the confidence that users could place in the social network. The latest one was published on Monday by the Financial Times. The economic daily reveals indeed that the social network gave access to the private information of its users to certain applications, without asking the authorization to the members of the site.
When an app wants to interact with your Facebook account, it needs to ask you for permission to read your messages, access your friends list, or access your profile photos. At least in theory. The Financial Times reveals that Privacy International has closely studied 34 "popular" Android applications and discovered that at least 20 of them exceeded the permissions given by users by sending data to Facebook.
Apps that send the number of times they have been opened to Facebook
"Instantly sent information includes the name of the app, the user's Google ID, and the number of times the app has been opened and closed since it was downloaded," says the Financial Times. Information that can go even further as with the Kayak app that provides Facebook travel dates, whether the user has children or sought trips.
Asked by the US newspaper, Facebook replied that "application developers could disable the automatic collection of data." "Since this year, Facebook has incorporated a new option allowing developers to push back the collection of application analysis information," said the social network spokesperson. Facebook also told Privacy International that a new feature was being developed to erase the history of third-party applications.

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