Facebook: uninstall impossible on some Samsung smartphones, but it's not so bad

The popularity of Facebook is causing a controversy, the application of the social network could not be uninstalled on Samsung smartphones. In fact, the situation is more complex.

An article from Bloomberg has been around the web since its publication. It would not be possible to remove the Facebook app on some Samsung smartphones on Android. This case follows the huge popularity decline of the social network in 2018 after many scandals.
An empty shell
In fact, the website The Next web explains that the situation is more complex than that. A Facebook application is actually installed by default on Samsung smartphones, but as explained by Jane Manchun Wong, specialist of Android applications and in particular those of the social network, it is only an empty shell. In other words, this application does not contain code or almost, and offers no functionality. It is just present to automatically download the latest version of the Facebook application on the Play Store at the first launch of the phone.

Samsung only ship the stub version of Facebook on their phones. It's basically a non-functional empty shell, as the placeholder for the phone receives the "real" Facebook app as app updates https://t.co/KHdkF9fFyK
– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) January 8, 2019

This means that by disabling the application, since it is not possible to uninstall, Android removes the updates and the application becomes an empty shell. A representative of Facebook confirmed this behavior to Bloomberg, stating that the application will collect more data for the social network.
How to disable the Facebook application?
Failing to completely delete his Facebook account, uninstall or disable the application is rather simple Android. Here are the steps to follow.
Open smartphone settings
Find and choose the application management menu
Select the Facebook application
Choose the option "Disable" or "Uninstall"
These steps should empty the Facebook application of its substance. Unfortunately, it will be mandatory to keep the empty shell on your smartphone if the device does not have root rights.
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