Facebook wants to bring together and integrate Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook is working on a standardization of its courier services. The goal ? That users can exchange messages from one service to another.

When we think of Facebook, we obviously think of the social network of the same name first. However, the firm now includes other services, sometimes perhaps more popular, such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Instragram. The group now wants to capitalize on this strength.
Common infrastructure, but separate uses
Facebook will proceed to a deep restructuring in the operation of its applications. A project that will bring together thousands of employees of the firm according to the New York Times.
By the end of the year, or the beginning of 2020, Mark Zuckerberg wants all three applications to integrate end-to-end encryption natively. Only WhatsApp integrates it by default today. The goal must also be to be able to more easily converse between users of different services. Thus, an Instagram user could easily chat with the users of Messenger or WhatsApp without installing these applications.
However, the firm excluded for the moment any form of merger. After all, Instagram and WhatsApp owe their popularity to the fact that they do not use the Facebook brand, and are perceived as well independent services.
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