Firefox Send: Mozilla launches its free and secure competitor WeTransfer

On Tuesday, Mozilla finally announced the arrival of its own file sharing service. Called Firefox Send, it can transfer files up to 2.5 GB while respecting privacy.

If you have to regularly send heavy uncompressed files to colleagues or friends, you probably know that mailboxes are not ideal. Not only can some people use the submitted files to better refine your advertising profile, but in addition the weight of the files can be limited.
There are other transfer solutions, such as WeTransfer, but unless you use the paid "plus" version, the transferred data is not password protected and the data will remain online indefinitely on the servers. It is in this context that Mozilla launched Firefox Send.
End-to-end encryption and up to 2.5 GB of files
This new file-sharing system is based on encryption of the transferred data, but also on the possibility of protecting the files with a password and automatic deletion after a certain number of downloads or days, all for free.

Firefox Send automatically allows you to send up to 64 files at the same time, for a total of 1 GB and up to 100 downloads. It is also possible to subscribe to the service to send files up to 2.5 GB and maintain active links for 7 days or 100 downloads.

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