Fixed Internet: for UFC Que Choisir, Orange offers the best quality of services in front of Free

Regularly, the magazine Que Choisir, published by the French Consumers Union, updates its ranking of the best Internet access providers according to the quality of services. In its March issue, the magazine awarded the prize for the best operator in Orange, ahead of Free, Bouygues and SFR, last.

On the occasion of a file dedicated to the deployment of fiber and very high speed, the UFC Que Choisir magazine has updated its comparison of the different Internet access providers according to the quality of the services offered, such as noted the site Universe Freebox. To do this, he has put in place several criteria such as reputation with magazine subscribers, the number of disputes between operators and their subscribers, the number of shops, the connection time to the fiber or the rate of breakdowns.
According to the March 2019 issue of UFC Que Choisir, Orange is in the lead, thanks to its large number of stores, its good reputation and its low failure rate. However, everything is not rosy for the operator since the rating has dropped in one year, from 13.8 to 13/20. In question, the number of disputes with subscribers has increased, especially on the xDSL network.
Free and Bouygues approach, SFR far behind
In the second position, with a score of 12.8 / 20, Free heels the 13/20 Orange. It is above all the satisfaction of the subscribers, the time of repair and the low rate of breakdown that allows the operator of Iliad to take this second place. Behind, Bouygues reaches a comfortable third place with a rating of 11.4 / 20 thanks to relatively low rates.
Finally, last, SFR arrives far behind the podium with a score of only 7.5 / 20. The red-square operator suffers from a bad reputation among subscribers, a very large number of disputes and a very high time to repair breakdowns. However, the UFC is optimistic with an increase of one point since last year.
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