Foldable smartphone: after the false good idea of ​​the Axon M, ZTE goes back to the attack

Chinese manufacturer ZTE is considering a new foldable smartphone concept, one year after the presentation of its Axon M and its two screens separated by a hinge. This time, a new, more advanced, flexible phone card would restore its image.

In the field of foldable smartphones, ZTE has not really created unanimity. The Chinese manufacturer has indeed been tempted by a concept to say the least doubtful, presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, last January: the Axon M, whose principle was based on a separate dual screen by a hinge placed on the back cover of the mobile device.
The hinge, always at the rendezvous
At the time, the concept had not really convinced the editorial staff. And for good reason: in addition to the design more than questionable, the applications launched independently on each screen, without really enjoying the total area. But the leaders seem to have learned the lesson from the latest patent filed with the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration in February 2018.

Unearthed December 12, 2018, then relayed by Mobielkopen and Tom's Guide, the file is based on foldable smartphone sketches whose design substantially matches the concepts already presented in recent months. If a hinge still finds its place at the back of the terminal, the unfolded phone would this time give way to a united screen able to turn into a tablet.
A large slab at the front … against a single slab on the back
Folded, the smartphone will be equipped with a dual rear photo sensor and a fingerprint reader placed in the center. On the other hand, the documents do not mention any technical and software explanation on the operation of the telephone. But to believe the drawings, it is by unfolding the product that the united screen would appear. The front panel acting as a smartphone interface would end up in turn at the back.

We can therefore wonder if it will find a new use hitherto unsuspected when the mobile device is unfolded. The fact is that these illustrations come from a simple patent that does not automatically become a final product. Still, the collapsible smartphone race has taken on a whole new dimension since Samsung's announcement. Not to mention the presentation of a Huawei product at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, next February.

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